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Basic idea

The idea is creating a vocabulary trainer, that:

You can always dicide for yourself if you thought you knew the word or you can enter your answer and get feedback if it was correct or what was entered incorrectly.

Learning mode

  • Train: For unknown vocabulary. Each vocabulary has to be entered correctly 3 times in a row.
  • Repeate: Each vocabulary has to be entered only once, wrong entered words are asked two more times.
  • E.g.: Language 1 --> language 2
    Language 1 is asked and the user has to enter language 2

The green bar at the top shows the current progress.

The course of the current vocabulary is displayed via colored dots:

  • Red: wrong input
  • Green: right input
  • Yellow: The word needs to be entered one time

A red input field signals that the answer is evaluated as incorrectly, a green one that it is evaluated as correctly.

Additional options
  • + or r Evaluates the answer as correctly
  • # Evaluates the answer as incorrectly
  • x Removes this word (does not modify the file)
  • f Saves the current word in the favorite file
  • Files and Folders

    Each user has the possibility to create lists, that only he can edit and use. Furthermore, everyone can access public lists but without consultation for security reasons these cannot be edited.

    Lists are automatically recommended if you are having difficulty learning individual lists or if you have created a new one.

    Using the buttons 'New file' or 'Edit file' you get to the editor. 'Save' first checks the list's syntax, 'Force save' saves a file even with syntax errors.

    File format

    Each vocabulary takes three lines: Language 1, Language 2 and an empty line ahead of the next vocabulary.

    Language 1 / Question
    Language 2 / Answer

    Special characters

    Completely separate answers Using the symbole ''/'' you can specify completely independent answer. The user has to enter one of them.
    Round brackets Everything written in (round brackets) doen't need to be entered by the user.
    Square brackets In [square brackets] multiple options that are separated by // can be specified.
    [Possibility 1//Possibility 2//Possibility 3]
    Keywords For questions regarding multiple keywords they can then be specified by marking them as <>. The answer is evaluated as correct if all keywords of the solution are in the entered answer.
    What's important with a drinking bottle?
    It needs to be <leakproof> and <big enough>.